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N2C - creme para recrescimento do cabelo

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1 N2C - creme para recrescimento do cabelo em Seg Abr 11, 2016 4:22 pm

Brevemente darei noticias sobre esta loção assim como posiveis resultados

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2 Re: N2C - creme para recrescimento do cabelo em Dom Maio 01, 2016 8:13 pm

N2C Hair Care Cream is on sale for the last 2 months and is widely spreading all over the world. You may get it thru our Dutch partner from Nederlands. ( I am the lead nanotechnologist behind the technology however we are a large team of experts including chemists, pharmacists, doctors which has extensive background on pharmacy and cosmetics. I won't be shy here but can easily trigger collagen production which will in turn stop hair loss and grow hair. You may check one of our client's temples over the photos. However we are very strict on shampoos. One may either uses baby shampoo or a natural soap but nothing else. If you have used other hair cosmetics or any other medicals or products, you will stop them and wait a while before switching to N2C. You look young (under 43) so I do not see any drawback that you may not be unsuccesful. If you wanna start using it, check back with us in every 2 week periods as all others do. People here in Turkey was skeptical at first but this is THE product which is far more better than anything on the market. Hope that N2C cosmetics family will be like I-Phone of Turkey soon."

Quando li isto e depois de ter usado outros tratamentos fiquei um pouco céptico.

Tenho 10 dias de uso e estou a ficar com boa impressão. Nada do que usei antes me deu este resultado em tão pouco tempo.
No final de 30 dias de uso vou colocar fotos.

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